Fitness should be fun. It should be something that you love, something that you want to do rather than something you need to, it should be something that makes you smile.


Claire Everingham, Founder



The Studio Group (TSG) has answered the increasing demand for alternative methods of structured exercise by developing a great way for Capetonians to keep fit and healthy.


TSG's interesting take on traditional Pilates and Yoga creates a space for people to reach their goals, get fit, have fun and still experience the great benefits that Pilates and Yoga have to offer at an affordable price. TSG’s Pilates and Yoga Box have unique aspects that have led to the development of various classes suited to any fitness level. You can now live a full, fun and flexible lifestyle in a convenient and affordable manner.


TSG's Fitness Academy gives individuals the tools to achieve their fitness goals. We provide you with individually tailored packages whether your goal be to run 5k's or get your personal best on a half marathon. The packages are endorsed by one of Cape Town's top physiotherapists and includes 24/7 support as well as bi-weekly fitness assessments


TSG is the proud sponsor of The Studio Group TSiBA Eden Education Trail Running Series. This monthly trail run happens in and around Cape Town on a monthly basis and all proceeds of the run go to the TSiBA Eden Education fund.