The Studio Group (TSG) has answered the increasing demand for alternative methods of structured exercise, by developing a great way for Capetonians to keep fit and healthy. You can now live a full, fun and flexible lifestyle in a convenient and affordable way. Visit one of our studios or chat to us to find out more.


TSG has a unique take on the traditional Pilates, with various classes to suit different levels of fitness and experience. We have two conveniently situated studios, in Newlands and Cape Town CBD. Use our online booking system to sign up for the classes that suit you best.

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Each TSG yoga class is thoughtfully sequenced, integrating not just the physical postures but also philosophy, meditation and pranayama breath control. Classes are also designed for various fitness levels and are available at both our studios. Book online here.

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TSG is the organiser and one of the sponsors of  TSiBA Education Trail Running Series, which is a monthly trail run in and around Cape Town. We also organise free weekly trail runs in Newlands Forest - join us on Tuesdays at 17h30.

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Heritage Day Special


Heritage Day Banner

We are delighted to bring you an extra special TSG Heritage Day


What better way to celebrate our South African Heritage than a hike through the one of the first botanical gardens to become a world heritage site, Kirstenbosch Gardens. The hike will be followed by a stretch class in the gardens, and you can then reward yourself with a delicious TSG picnic hamper (1 bottle of wine and 7 mini boerie rolls).




9:50 am : Meet at Kirstenbosch (bottom gate) in front of the ticket office

10:00 am - 11h45 : Hike 

12pm -1pm : Pilates Stretch Class with Nicole in Kirstenbosch Gardens
1pm - 3pm (ish) : Picnic and Wine


Total package: R240 per person / R360 per couple sharing 

Package excluding Pilates: R170 per person / R220.00 per couple sharing 

Package excluding the Picnic: R120 per person

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What is the difference between pilates & yoga, which one should I choose?


I get asked a lot as a Pilates instructor what the difference between Pilates and Yoga is. I then found this fabulous illustration above and thought it would be time to tell you all, so here you go:


Pilates is fairly new compared to Yoga and is only around 80 years old. It is a fitness system that was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates and focuses on the core postural muscles that help keep the body balanced and are essential to providing support for the spine. Pilates is a mind and body approach to exercise

Yoga is an ancient practice from India which is over 5000 years old knows as path to both physical as well as mental wellbeing and includes everything from a physical posture to a healthy diet, breathing, and relaxation and meditation skills. Yoga is also a mind and body approach to exercise but includes a spirited approach too.

Why should school children do Pilates ?


I have quite a few clients that come to my Pilates classes that are still in school. Some people believe that these children shoudl be focusing on their school sports, and leaving the pilates to their mothers. How wrong these people are.

Improved concentration in the classrooms

Beyond the physical benefits of Pilates are the advantages it has when it comes to learning. It is believed that a weak core makes standing and sitting for extended periods at school difficult. If children are expending their energy throughout the day just to maintain stability, their stamina for homework and other afterschool activities may be depleted. A strong core conserves energy and allows them to be more tentative to schoolwork.

The combination of the focused breathing techniques, strengthening of the body can help children attain a much more serene and less stressful outlook. This would be particularly beneficial in the examination period where children are hunched over desks studying and writing their papers as well as benefiting their reactions to stress.